Azimuth Adjustable Slave Head Mounts
TBar closeup
Since the early eighties, demands for improvement in audio cassette tape duplication have been increasing and extending the minimums of acceptability. In light of the current and expected quality demands, the old method of head azimuth shimming has become extremely difficult, time consuming and in some cases almost impossible.

The new JRF Adjustable T-Bar mount is designed to provide smooth and precise azimuth control with the strength and long term stability of hard mounting.

Features include:
  • Precision machined solid aluminum construction
  • Top mounting of heads
  • Wrap screw adjustment control
  • Singie screw azimuth control
  • Long term stability
TBar 1
The initial installation of the JRF T-Bar mount requires some modification to the standard head baseplate, and existing heads should be freshly polished or relapped.

T-Bar conversions can be conveniently arranged and performed in conjunction with periodic head relapping.

Our T-Bar conversion package includes:
  • Modification of baseplate and installation of T-Bar mount.
  • Installation of wrap screws (on heads)
  • Precision head relapping
  • Tape guide cleaning
  • Digital/Optical alignment

With the addition of the JRF T-Bar mount, countless hours of tedious, expensive and often frustrating mechanical alignment time are eliminated. Time savings and precision alignment capability add up to lower maintenance costs and improved quality of your end product. Nice combination!

Upgrade kits are available for the following systems:
  • Ampex
  • Gauss 1200
  • ElectroSound 4000, 6000, 8000, 4800
  • Liberty
  • MTI
  • And numerous custom applications

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