One-inch two-track: Need we say more?
One-inch headblock
With twice the track width, a lower noise floor, and extended frequency response, one-inch 2-track is the sleeping giant of analog mastering formats in an industry filled with digital standards. While half-inch two-track is the music mastering format that has worldwide acceptance, one-inch two-track has roared quietly into the high-end segment of recording and mastering facilities.

One-inch two-track upgraded conversions and/or head assemblies by JRF Magnetic Sciences have been made for Studer A80VU, A800, and J-37 model machines. The Studer A80 one-inch transport, with its excellent tape handling characteristics, is an ideal choice for conversion to the 2-track format. Flux Magnetics "ME" series (extended performance) mastering heads are the clear choice and are used exclusively on all JRF one-inch two-track conversions. With tracks this wide, this format elevates mastering (and direct to two-track recording) to a dramatically higher level of performance.

Track Width Comparison

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J37 headblock
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