JRF Return Authorization / Printable Work Order Form (for orders from within the US only)
Please take a few minutes to complete this form, print it out (use your "fit to page" printing layout option), sign it, and enclose it with your shipment to JRF.

TELEPHONE (973) 579-5773 • FAX (973) 579-6021

If you are shipping via UPS, FedEx, etc. send your package to our physical address at:
JRF Magnetic Sciences, 249 Kennedy Rd, Greendell, NJ 07839

If you are using the USPS postal service, you must send it to our post office box address at:
JRF Magnetic Sciences, P.O. Box 309, Greendell, NJ 07839

Note: UPS Stores will tell you that 249 Kennedy Road does not show up in their data base. This is an unfixable flaw in UPS computer system. Have the UPS Store override the address on the validate address screen or call 800-742-5877 for instructions.
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Relap Heads Ground cores Flutter idler ultrasonic clean and lubricate
Optical Alignment Edge relief slots Evaluation only
Head Replacement
(if required)
Replace hardware
(Tape guides, bearings, if required)
Call with estimate
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Shipping Instructions:
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UPS: ...... Next Day (Red)...... 2nd Day (Blue)...... 3 Day...... Ground
FedEx:. Priority 1...... Standard...... Economy (2 day)...... Saver (3 day)

Additional Services: Saturday Delivery.....Hold for Pickup (see "ship to" section)

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